Tradeshow Booths

Trade show exhibiting is often referred to as three dimensional advertising…
and like all forms of advertising it is rapidly and constantly changing to stay up with current marketing trends.
Building in the tradeshow industry requires that a builder be able to adapt his processes and to stay with the newest and most innovative materials and building techniques, while still exercising his traditional and timeless building techniques.  Over the years my partner and I have built over 1500 custom exhibits for a wide variety of industries and have maintained an un blemished record of "on time" and "on budget" performance.  We are constantly  looking at new and better ways to build faster, lighter and easier and install. 
  General Trade Booth
 True Religion Brand Jeans
   Video Transfer
  True Religion Pittie
 Etienne Aigner   Baker & Taylor   GT software   Paramount Home Theatre Products
 GUESS sport

Small Booths

 Lets have fun at the kids shoe shoe   WSA Las Vegas 2001
   Crafting a booth with Padauk & Jatoba   Warm wood meets cold metal
Paduck & Jatoba converge
   sliceing Veneers from solid Jatoba for a cabinet top    What a contrast Exotic woods & Bright metals    

Small Booth: True Religion

 This is our large booth,
  It's too big to ship around the country, 
   We need something smaller,
  Can you shrink it down?

 What is it going to look like?
  We need to have closing doors for security at night.
  We will need to fit six buyers there enough room?
  We need lots of hanging area on the back wall.

We need more storage, can we put it under the counter
   Top view
   True Religion International Booth
   TR International, have a look inside

TR International, inside too
   Fits into two crates for shipping
  This is how it packs