Bringing classic techniques and modern technology together to give you the best possible result.

We're More than just a Builder.  We're Your Building Partner. 
We are there and work with your design team from early on to examine and explore feasibility of a concept by providing sketches, computer models, and physical prototypes where ever necessary.  Being family owned and operated, our company is our people.  We don't have unions or regulators to tell us how to get the job done.  We all work together for the good of our clients.  We have made being on time and on budget our top priority.  Joe Fleming III and Jose Sanchez, Sr. have been building cabinets and doing mill work for over 30 years each; they've built everything from kitchen cabinets, wall units, and furniture to two-story exhibits and displays.  With our ability to think and develop outside the box, we are ready, willing and able to take on projects that others are afraid to touch.

Applying Old World Craftsmanship With New World Technology
My partner and I have been building for over 60 years combined. When you put state of the art equipment in the hands of an experienced old-world craftsmen you get the best of both worlds. Finely crafted products are produced on budget. We know when to use mass production and when not. We are solution-focused and able to deliver innovative custom woodworking solutions to deliver challenging concepts. We’re able to leverage our experience and expertise to provide unparalleled custom manufacturing to clients by following a proven process that ensures we leave no stone unturned.

Budget Minded
We know you have a budget; we're always looking to VALUE ENGINEER your project.  We work with your architect and design team to consider critical material availability issues that could dramatically effect the cost of your project.

Cost Comparison & Analysis
There are many different ways to solve a problem.  Making the right choice can save lots of money & time. We provide detailed cost analysis to management so that they can compare when making a final decision. Logistics, speed of installation, availability of skilled or non skilled labor to implement; we consider it all. S&F Woodcrafters provide solutions that go beyond the scope of “quoting then building.”

On Time, On Schedule
When you build for a show, the show will start whether you’re there or not.  Being born out of the Trade show Exhibit World, we quickly learned that there is no such thing as late.  When you build for a show, the show will open with or without you. In this business missing a trade show doesn’t exist. We respect time limits; like opening a store, there is no tomorrow.

Plans change. When inspectors insist, or when last minute additions come along, you need a builder that can work with your design team to respond quickly and effectively to any situation.  Focusing on problem solving, our on-site contractors will find, create, and implement the solution that’s best for you.

S&F Woodcrafters